The Adventures of Smudge and Friends

A Book For Big Beings In Little Bodies

What are Smudge and Friends Up To?

Based on the book written by Graeme Crosskill and Paula Breetzke for big beings in little bodies. The tools in The Smudge Books have been created by Access Consciousness, and we have created The Smudge Books to gift these tools to the beautiful little people on this planet and perhaps for big people too?

What if you could be all of young choose everything you know to be possible? We acknowledge you, we are truly grateful for the magic you be.

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The Adventures of Smudge and Friends


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This is a children’s class to teach them how to use the Access Consciousness® Tools and Techniques in a language that they can easily understand. These tools will empower them to know what they know, identify when they are aware of someone’s else’s “stuff” that doesn’t belong to them and how to deal with it. (It might empower adults too)

Details for upcoming classes coming soon..