Conscious Horse Conscious Rider

Empowers you to have a totally new perspective of horsemanship

About Conscious Horse Conscious Rider

Horses don’t care whether you are having a bad hair day, not wearing makeup or wearing weird clothes. They are amazing at showing us where we are not being congruent, teach us to be leaders and communicate energetically. There is a communion that we can create with horses, that has nothing to do with if you own a horse or ride a horse, but can contribute to you being with and handling horses with more ease, have a greater relationship with and ability to be close and understand horses and what they require and of course to become a better rider too.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider empowers you to have a totally new perspective of horsemanship. It combines stunning and unique outlooks on communicating and creating with horses, to improve the performance of both horse and rider. It also provides you with tools and techniques to facilitate the horse's ability to heal itself and have space and ease. It combines unique, ground breaking methods in communication with horses, dramatically improving the performance of both horse and rider which will enable both rider and non-rider alike to develop a deep connection with horses. Develop the ability to talk to, hear and to facilitate a different possibility with yourself and your horse.

Gary is the founder of Access Consciousness®; a world-wide organization dedicated to empowering people to know that they know, which offers pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you may not have been able to change until now. Gary Douglas has been riding horses since he was just four years old. He is a horse whisperer and best-selling author who is renown for his unique talents and abilities with horses. He has his own horse ranch in California, where he breeds and raises the Costaricense de Paso horses from Costa Rica and is the creator of Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Episodes, a TV series pilot the horses asked him to create..

Animals are a huge contribution to us and in these workshops we are learning to listen to these magnificent beings and assist them and us to overcome barriers that are stopping us from a deeper connection. The tools presented are easy to learn, pragmatic and people that attended are amazed how effortless it is to apply them.

About the Class

This is a 2 day class, working and being facilitated by horses. This class will facilitate a deeper bond with horse and rider, provide the participant with some hands on energetic body processes that creates more ease for horses with their bodies, tools for clearing past issues and abuse and much more. This class is for people who love horses, own horses, have no previous experience with horses and anyone who is looking for more insight into themselves, animals or both.. It will open up more possibilities for you and your horse by questioning and expanding your awareness, which can enhance what you already know about riding and horses.

Book Horse and Rider Session

Horse and Rider Session:

Duration: To Be Discussed

These sessions are not about teaching riding techniques. By asking questions Jenny will work with the energy of you and your horse, to facilitate an awareness of what is going on.

These sessions deal with past issues, traumatic events , behavioural problems etc. For physical issues then a hands on body process may be required. She does not diagnose illnesses or injuries, but follows the energy of the body to see where and which process needs to be run. She will teach you some of the tools so that you can be empowered to know what you know about yourself and your horse.

How do I schedule a Session?

Jenny can either come to your stable (depending on distance) or we can do the session via skype or you can come to her.

For more information visit the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider website