7 Steps to Flawless Communication

Transforming ordinary encounters into an explosion of infinite possibilities... A pragmatic approach that goes beyond verbal communication
Creating an authentic connection with self, everyone and everything around you

What are 7Steps to Flawless Communication?

This is a fresh start to communication for those seeking to open up channels for easy interaction with others. Based on the book “7Steps to Flawless Communication” by Kass Thomas, which has already been translated into 8 languages, this method teaches practical steps that can be easily integrated into all aspects of daily life, whether you are looking at self development, improving interpersonal relationships or corporate training.

The book as well as the workshops and training program encourage individuals and groups to discover their own brand of magic which increases their confidence and enhances their ability to deal with unfamiliar or unexpected situations at home and in the workplace

Even the monotonous and mundane can be transformed into a platform of possibilities when you and the people around you are willing to be inspired, creative and communicate flawlessly. Discover these tools for yourself by reading the book, attending an introductory or 1 day class for individuals or a 2 day class for business and corporates.

7Steps to flawless communication in the workplace

2 day class for companies of any size

For businesses and corporates, this class has been specifically designed for companies that are interested in empowering their staff and providing them with tools to expand their relationships with everyone including work colleagues, clients, friends, family etc.

These tools are great for nurturing a diverse workforce, expanding creativity, engaging employees in the companies vision, growth targets, implementing strategies and fosters relationships between every individual within your own, your suppliers and customers business. In the words of Richard Branson, if you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your clients.


What does the class entail?

Day One – Present and explain the 7Steps
The Trainer will explain how each step works, give examples and allow the participants to practice each step

Day Two – Integration: Living the 7Steps
The Trainer will set up role play scenerios in different situations (example: conflict resolution, interacting with difficult clients etc). They will practice the steps in these real situations. This will assist your employees in gaining an understanding of how the steps work by integrating them and using examples taken from your companies particular situations.

What is included in the class?

Interview with a 7Steps Corporate Trainer (to tailor make a programme that suits your business)
7Steps to Flawless Communication Book
7Steps Workbook
Access to a 7Steps Corporate Trainer for on going support
4 to 6 month follow up programme (2 hours & May be held via Skype or Zoom with your teams)

For more information visit the 7steps to Flawless Communication website